TN Textile Mill represents the next step  in creating a unique custom weaving mill that evolved from the business formally know as Shutters and Shuttles. We have moved into a brand new 3600 square foot studio in Goodlettsville, TN, about 14 miles north of Nashville, with the same mission of producing the finest hand woven and handcrafted fabrics predominately from domestically sourced cotton, wool, linen and silk. 

The increased space enabled us to add several machines to automate production including a brand new AVL Loom that is run by an air compressor. Even though the weaving itself is automated, the entire set-up process is no different from the methods utilized for thousands of years and still used today in our studio on our floor looms.

With the addition of a new loom and having two AVL floor looms, we now have the flexibility to increase our output for our larger orders, requiring a 50 yard minimum, and additionally, to offer up to 15 yard runs on the handlooms.

We are also excited to announce the introduction of our signature collection that we have on hand and can be ordered with a minimum of only one yard. For all you aspiring designers and home crafters that wish to utilize hand-crafted, luxurious fabric, this is your chance.  Our goal is to offer several different patterns made from different yarn enabling you to create the unique item you desire.

Feel free to peruse the "Fabric" section on this site to pick out just the right fabric for your next project and place your order online.

If you have any questions, we can be reached via email,, or give us a call 615.915.3727.